COVID-19 Announcement

To My Amazing Clients… I want to sincerely thank you for your patience during these challenging times as we adapt to the changes required for both short-term and long-term. The health, safety & well-being of my clients and community are most important to me. Your assurance and confidence is my main goal when you are ready to book your appointment with me.

My clients and future clients all expect the highest standards when coming to CENLA Beauty and I am committed to providing that even during this challenging time. I believe the safest way to handle the COVID-19 situation is to treat everyone, including myself, as if we could be infected, for the unknown is still too great.

In doing my utmost to protect everyone, I have implemented some changes on how my studio is managed. The following list will outline these new protocols as well as inform you of what to expect upon returning to the studio.


An important caveat to take away from this is this:

“Fear and stress decrease your immune system. Just be wise and take precautions, even when others are not.”


I know we all look forward to the day where we can sit in the relaxing waiting area catching up on life, enjoying snacks or Espressos. These days will return. But until then, we must all do what we can to not only protect each other, most importantly those who are who are more vulnerable, and those we don’t know.

Everyday I will be cleaning and sanitizing my studio using an EPA Approved agent &  UV-C Sterilization Equipment that quickly kills the Human SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 or Corona Virus to all areas mentioned below and many additional areas not listed. This will be done every day before opening, at closing, before and after every client visit.

  • Front & back door both inside and outside
  • Every doorknob/handle, light switch, electrical plug (if used or touched)
  • Bathrooms will be completely sanitized before opening, at closing, and after every client, including the toilet flush handle, etc.
  • Desk will be wiped down with EPA approved cleaners
  • Credit card machine, computer keyboards, phone, pens, etc.
  • Common area surfaces, racks, shelves, tables, chairs, etc.
  • All equipment that is to be used with clients will be thoroughly sanitized and sterilized to include beds, tools used, chairs, mirrors, medical equipment, all Makeup and tools etc.

Prior to the start of the service, payment for services will need to be made through your client portal which was created at the time of your booking and paying deposit

  1. All services needed or requested will need to be by appointment only
  2. A deposit will be required to secure your appointment
  3. Sadly, snacks, coffee, or espresso can no longer be served. I can however offer bottled water in lieu of.
  4. I also can no longer allow casual entry into the business. An appointment will have to be booked online or by calling my studio
  5. Only customers receiving a service will be allowed in the salon, and no more than 2 clients at a time inside the studio
  6. Upon arriving at the studio for your pre-booked appointment, please call me at 318-704-5881 and let me know you have arrived
  7. I will then let you know it is great to come in
  8. Prior to entering the studio, a mask will be required. If you do not have them, I will provide them to you and will incorporate the cost of the items into the service which will be an additional $3.00 USD. Unfortunately due to the now high cost of these items, I am having to do this. It is not mandatory to wear gloves as long as you are following hand sanitizing procedures
  9. Please do not remove your mask during your visit unless the service I am giving requires it. I will be wearing both a mask and gloves during our time together
  10. There will be hand sanitizer available when you come in, which will need to be done before any paperwork is completed
  11. Your temperature using a contactless thermometer; but if temperature is above 100.4°F; we can quickly reschedule a future date, this is more of a precautionary method
  12. After checking your temperature, there will be a sign-in log and a short medical questionnaire and waiver will need to completed and signed
  13. Once the above is done, I will tell you where the bathroom is and it would be greatly appreciated if you would wash hands using warm water & soap for 20 seconds before any services start
  14. Once done, this is when the relaxing fun really begins and we will go to the designated service room where services can get started. This is most the exciting part!!
  15. For Coughing & Sneezing, I felt that just a little reminder that when you feel either one coming on,  quickly cover your mouth & nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and throw the used tissue in the trash immediately; or If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow, NOT your hands. We can quickly sanitize if needed